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System Event viewer showing no error but few that saying....."Yahoo Messenger ...error .....

Firefox ...error ...." All of these errors are normal since I'm using windows 7.

Hello, I'm using Norton 360 Verson on Windows 7 (64-bit PC).

Since installed, Live Update has been updating automatically without any manual updating. This morning (September 11, 2012) I am getting the following message when I click on the PC Security section of the dashboard: Definitions Updated: Not Available I now have to manually update Live Update (in the Tasks section) to get up to date definitions.

About three weeks ago my automatic updating stopped working without any notification to me.

I'm using Windows XP and my subscription is still valid.

When I first noticed it it had not updated for 11 days and worked fine when I did a manual update.

I have had 3 chat sessions with support people and their best advice was that Norton 360 will not advise you if automatic updates don't work and that I should manually check every week to see if it is working.

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Malwarebytes, Sby-bot, Ad-Aware and several other softwares (All of them have been uninstalled) showed no threat at all!!!

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