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Some things to consider before you fill out our adoption application... Please make sure everyone in your household is ready to adopt a new pet. Please understand that our adoption fee is 0 because each of our animals for adoption are spayed/neutered(excludes puppies ), dewormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. If we like your application, references and previous vet history then we schedule a personal interview during which a Phoenix Animal Rescue representative will meet you and your family and you will meet the dog you are interested in.

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Kelczewski said he thought touches like walls of windows might appeal to a variety of buyers.

“A new owner would appreciate the abundance of natural light and quality craftsmanship of the home,” he said.

Please only email us once, multiple emails will only clog our inbox and make it more difficult for us to get to all the applications. We understand that not everyone can do that but that is what we need the most. Phoenix Animal Rescue is a very small rescue run out of foster homes.

Phoenix Animal Rescue is trying to do the best we can! Please consider sponsoring one of our babies if you can not adopt. We need all the help we can get whether is is physical or financial. We take in local unwanted pets and animals from shelters.

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Inside, the couple decorated and designed the home to ensure its Anglophile bona fides extended beyond setting and appearance. Sanders applied her personal artistic touches to every aspect of the property,” Kelczewski said.

A private English pub room in the lower level, adjacent to a stone hearth fireplace and billiards room, make it easy to feel closer to London than Philadelphia.

“The home was designed to emulate an English Manor,” said realtor Michael Kelczewski.

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